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Help, can't get job on oDesk

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Sumaira N Member Since: Feb 8, 2010
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Hi My name is Sumaira and my oDesk profile link is: When I created my oDesk profile I got few jobs and I completed them. Then due to my schedule I couldn't continue with oDesk and now lately I have been applying on several jobs but couldn't get any response from employers. I have enough skills and have portfolio added, but no luck. Can someone please suggest me how can I improve my chances to start earning on oDesk or identify any deficiencies in my profile or anything helpful. I will really appreciate that. Thanks and Regards.
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Marvel J Member Since: Jun 30, 2011
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There are so many reasons why I won't hire you. 1. Your profile picture. Covering your face. It's artistic and all, but seems as if ytou have something to hide. 2. Your feedback score is too low. Also you are hiding a comment from the job you had a bad feedback on. That's a no no for some clients. 3. Not enough tests taken in the field you claimed to be qualified in. Raises a red flag. 4. Your portfolio is great, but there is limited proof that you actually worked on those website. Smart clients can figure that out the same way I did.
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Ashfaq A Member Since: Jun 2, 2014
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hello ashfaq here i am graphics designer working since 2007 but i haven't started as a free lancer before i m new at o desk community mam please can u guide me how to increase my feed back scores
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Ayach O Member Since: Sep 2, 2015
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Hi Mrs,


I've read your advice and i want also some advices from you to how can i find some jobs according to my skills. I'm a web developer (it's my finale academic yeat) and i've done quit a lot of project and internships in my cursus and have a good experience but just 5 years until know. My goal is to have jobs to improve my skills. i'm a hard worker and actualy i love my work. Please if you can give me some advices i'll be glade. Thank you.


Ayach Oussama


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R.A.Laxmi A Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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I have passed 2 skill test.But cant get job plese get jobs to me

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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r: "I have passed 2 skill test.But cant get job plese get jobs to me"


R.A., you have a lot of work to do before you can begin to find success on Upwork.


Your profile needs a major overhaul.


Start with getting a new photo.


And you may simply not have skills that clients are looking for.


You should understand that there is nothing about your profile that stands out, nothing that is distinctive, and nothing that is highly in demand. You list skills that are avilable from a million other contractors.


You should take a two-prong approach:

1. You should work on improving your profile. Your profile sould present some distinct areas of expertise that few people have. This can include specialized experience and knowledge. It doesn't need to be specific softwar applications.


2. You should work on learning new, in-demand skills. What skills or software knowledge are clients looking for that few people have? What jobs are left open because nobody is qualified to do them? Find one thing that few other people list as a job skill, and master that skill. Create a great portfolio around that skill.