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【Help】client payment method is not valid(for fixed contract)after subbmitted the work

Hi,I am working the "FIXED priced" contract with one of client, and have submitted the work 10 days ago, but client didn't responed any, so I have asked upwork to check the payment status and receive following answer;


1. You submitted a payment request about 10 days ago and,

2. The client's payment method which he used to fund to this milestone is not verified.

Despite the milestone being funded and activated, the status of the payment method being unverified, may disqualify the job from the Fixed-Price Payment Protection. In essence, the payment should be released to you after 14 days of no response from the client on the payment request.


I have sent message to the client but didn’t heard any for 10 days.

I didn't receive any warning when I get started(since client funded the money and work history with another freelancer) that payment method is not valid till I ask upwork to check the status,

this means any possibility that I can not receive the payment??

What happen to my payment in case the client don’t set up the new payment method??

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You may, or may not, get the money. Just wait for a few more days to see whether you will get it. (Other than unverified payment method, there is always a possibility that a client would file chargeback, so I would always assume that my money earned on fixed-price contracts is not 100% safe.) 


One thing you certainly should not do is to touch the resubmit button.

thank you for the reply..
so in case if the client won't set up the new payment method, I can not receive the payment..?

actually I used to have one client who didn't pay and run away,(but that time with hourly payment and upwork covered the payment) so I doubt this client also won't pay intentionally

It depends on why the client's payment method is showing as unverfied.


If the client simply owes Upwork money for (as an example) another contract, that won't affect the release of funds of yours as the money is already in Escrow and successfully paid.


If, however, there is a serious issue with the payment method (stolen credit card for example) then it might have to go back to the payment method it came from.


Just wait the 4 days more and see if it gets released!


Thank you for the reply..

I am not sure (the reason)why the payment method is unverified but “unverified means not funded(not in the escrow)”?

I thought it was successfully funded but got email from upwork that as long as the client set up
The new payment method, I won’t get paid..

Hi Eri,

Just to confirm that your client has a verified payment method. Our team will investigate further why it is showing as unverified on your end, thank you!

~ Goran

Client didn’t reply, I don’t know why the payment method is showing unverified;
When I start working, got email contract stated and funded, but now not verified; (and no response)

Hi Eri,

Please refer to my comment: the client payment method is verified, our team is investigating it further why it`s showing as unverified on your end.

As Petra has advised you, if no actions are taken on the contract the funds will be released to you after 14 days, thank you.

~ Goran

Goran, sorry for misunderstring, but support team sent the attached screenshot for unverified,I am not telling the team I can see the unverified; (support team told me the unverified status)

Hi Eri,


Please refer to the most recent message our agent posted on your ticket, avoid submitting new requests, respond to our agent's question and keep communicating through the existing ticket in order to keep all the information in one place.

~ Vladimir

Hi, sorry I thought here and support requests is different place.

So regarding my concern, latest info is the support desk which status is still invalified or the valified(as replied here)
Thank you in advance for your support
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