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Help for non-paying and non-communicating client.

Even though I have installed solution to the client, I cannot communicate in any way and He does not pay.

Here is my petition of appeal, in which I have explained all the details.


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I look forward to your help in this matter. How should I go about this?


Thank you.

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Is it hourly contract or fixed price? Milestone pre-funded?

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What do you mean he doesn't pay?


If it's an hourly contract, you'll be paid automatically. 


If it's a fixed price contract and he doesn't take any action, the milestone will auto-approve after 14 days. 

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The document containing the details has been automatically removed.


Fixed payment form.
Unfortunately, he did his job by paying only 200 dollars for his 750-dollar job.
There were 3 milestones. The 1st was just the project board, the 2nd was the milestone involving the actual work, and the 3rd was the form of payment that remained if it worked properly for a week.
They saw the code that did the actual work and had their developers complete the work.


How exactly is a complaint made?

The contract was terminated by Upwork after I complained yesterday with the "Flag as inappropriate" button in the job.


How will I receive my remaining payment?

Upwork ended the contract? Then no more milestones can be paid. 

What category did you use when you flagged it? Maybe the client was suspended for asking for free work?

I checked the "It's something else" option.

As a response from Upwork, the Twitter Scraper business has been closed because it is against Upwork's rules. I don't know this as a freelancer. This rule is valid for clients and if there is a separation, they should not be able to open the job at all or their applications should not be accepted. I applied and was accepted. I have also fully developed the job, but with a very small payment, the job seems to have been completed. It doesn't seem like a problem if I can't get the rest of my fee at Upwork.

From this development, I understand that there is no guarantee of my labor and time.

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I have also fully developed the job, but with a very small payment

Many freelancer have the same problem, they work on a promise of payment. 

If I understood correctly that's what you did. 

The proper way would be, if working on milestones, you work on the milestone that is fully funded. When  the job for that milestone is finished and delivered, they should reslease the payment. If they ask you to keep working, you kindly ask them to fund the next milestone. If they refuse, then unfortunately you cannot work with them anymore. 




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So before submitting the code I developed, do I have to request that he pay for that milestone?

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Yup and if you work on unfunded milestone you are working for free. You also need to learn how to structure the milestones such that  it is proportional to your effort.  Most freelancers are very eager to land a gig that they don't spend much time developing their contracts

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The milestone was determined in the attached figure.
Milestone 1, only the project skeleton was installed in the project setup. It has been paid for. He stated that he showed goodwill as if it were a blessing and said, "I pay the fee for the code that doesn't work. However, it was only the project setup that he had already determined.

Milestone 2 included the code that did the actual work, and that's what I did. Communication was lost after this minute. There was never a response.

The 3rd milestone was the smooth running of the code for a week.

When I talked to the developer at the company that created the work, he said that the solution I developed worked for them, they integrated it into their own processes and it was useful.

So I have realized the whole solution.
However, he only paid the 1st milestone fee and cut off communication and did not pay the rest.

Each milestone was charged. There is no free milestone.


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So the client didn't need your services any longer. That is completely within his rights. 

How is he entitled? 2. He uses what I have developed by not paying the milestone fee.

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