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Help me to get back to work at odesk

May 30, 2015


Dear mam/sir,


I had been a writer contractor at Odesk. I was having an ongoing writing contract when a support team staff advised


to cancel my ongoing writing work. Afterwards, I was suspended notifying me that I had several disputes which I did


not have whatsoever.


Please help me mam, to get back to work at Odesk. Odesk is the most credible outsourcing company I have known,


and discovering the company on the internet is one of the great blessings from God.


I am hoping for your helping hands for me to be back at Odesk. Working at Odesk is a purpose driven life as a


a person.


I do hope for your immediate response.


God bless.

Kind regards,

Lilia Tan


Hello Lilia,


We understand your concens for getting back on track here. I was in the same situation one month ago when I moved from an other outsourcing platform, and fortunately got an ongoing contract with a great client. Thus, my advice for you is to follow the general guidelines from Upwork to build a good profile and show off your perks compared to new industry freelancers.


Another piece of advice would be to have an account on Elance as well, those platforms have better client market than any other website, that's for sure. All is from my experience, as I finally landed some gigs with let's say some well deserved effort to find the right people to collaborate with and have a good outcome for my career from the projects.


Also have you taken into account building a nice portfolio? Tests are a good way to prove your proficiency, but don't cheat, will be easy to see fake scores on your profile 🙂


Lilia, you need to understand that nobody here can do anything to directly help you get back to work on Upwork.

We can offer advice to you but, really, everything we might tell you has already been said here in the forums. You should search through them and read them diligently.

I have looked at your profile and I think you should take time to ponder whether or not online freelancing is truly your calling. You are a unique individual with your own gifts, and what you have to offer may be best put to use in your local community.
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