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Help me understand what am I doing wrong


Hello everyone!


I am new to UpWork, however, I am an experienced freelancer in the Russian internet segment and I can't understand -- why am I not getting any answers from the clients after I send my proposals?


My profile on UpWork is 100% complete.
I send a customized cover letter with each proposal.
I use less "I" and use more "You" in my proposals, meaning that I highlight the benefits of working with me. 
I have three completed tests -- 2 of them put me in TOP-10% and 1 puts me in TOP-20% test results.
I try to propose to jobs that have been posted just recently
Where applicable, I attach my CV so that the client could see everything about me

However, I've almost used up my allowed monthly connections -- I've submitted around 26 proposals - 2 of them were declined (chose another freelancer) and others just hang in there with no answers! Not even a single interview!


I want to know, what is it exactly that I'm doing wrong? I think that it's mainly because clients here are looking for profiles with some experience on UpWork, therefore, another question -- is there a job here that I can do for the website or a small job for free in order to get a few 5-star reviews and start earning actual money here?

Because it's really frustrating -- feels like I'm just knocking on the doors that will never open. And I really need money &/or a job -- on the Russian segment of the web you don't get these amounts of money that clients offer here. 


Thanks in advance for your answers,