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Help with Declaration of UpWork Fees in Portugal

Hello Freelancers in Portugal,

I'm searching for help about the way we, in Portugal, declare the Service Fee as an expense that we have with UpWork.

When I did call the Tax Office they informed me that I needed the RFI-21 filled in to prove that I don't need to do the Withholding of the Income for UpWork and when I did contact UpWork about it, I was informed that no other Portuguese requested this before, so I would like to know how do you guys prove that we don't need to withhold the income tax for UpWork?

I want to believe that people do declare the Service Fees etc. as an expense that they have, and not only for VAT matters. Because it doesn't make sense that everyone pays VAT and do not declare the expense itself.

So, can anyone help me with this detail about the way we declare the expense and how we prove that we don't need to withhold income?

Appreciated all the help.

Greats Marta

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I just got the same problem as a company using Upwork´s freelancers services. Upwork should issue this certifiate yearly and have it readily available for enterprises to download.

I hope to get an answer by the Upwork team. This is needed not only in Portugal but all over Europe.

I hope to get some answers and will post in case I do.

Thank you


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If you have "Contabilidade organizada" or a company, can't you just download and show all of the UpWork fees receipts just like any other receipt of the company expenses (office supplyes, trips, etc)?

As a normal independent worker, with no organized accounting, our system should be ready to introduce international invoices in finances system. With no need of been a company or having an accountant. But I know now that we register the fee as income paid to an international company as companies do. 

Is that because where before 25% of earnings where automaticly counted as expenses and now we're supposed to present those expenses?
How do you "...register the fee as income paid to an international company as companies do. "?

Hi Diogo!

Sorry for the late answer. 

You are not reporting expenses, but income paid to upwork every time they tale the fee.

You declare it using the Modelo 30

Hi Martha, 

I am trying to declare modelo 30 on Financas, but I have not been able to find what should be the NIF for Upwork. the Upwork VAT number does not get recognized on it. Could you please help?


UpWork Global Inc NIF is 712435891

That's the one I've been using.

I found your answers on this post. I guess you explain it all in there.
Ty 😉

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