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Help with Dispute please!

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Prashant P wrote:

Preston H wrote: That is not how the system is designed.


 Yup when you have trustworthy buyers, the system works the way it is intended.  He followed and gave the final product and is out of money.  Even if you give hi-res files, can you put a watermark or something.



The "deliverables" are the hi-res files. Had he submitted anything other than the deliverables, by definition he would not have delivered the work.


That would create nothing but hassle, irritate the client and any dispute would be lost before it even begins.


At this point, nobody (neither the client nor the freelancer) is "out of money." At this point, the money is in Escrow.

If the client didn't like the design, the money situation would exactly the same as it is now had he submitted some low res image, it would just make his situation in any dispute / arbitration very dodgy indeed as he would never have actually delivered.


Treating any and all clients like potential crooks by default is not a good basis for successful outcomes.

It can also become a self-fulfilling prophecy.