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Help with decision - what would you do?

Hello to everyone.

I need your help and your opinion.

I received one offer and I really don't know what to do. Job is about recruitment and that will be good chance for my progression. But client has one condition and I don't know is that regular or not. He want from me to find some persons for his company but he will send me payment for my job only when they work for him 1 month and if they don't give quit. I think that persons are third part in this case and he must to pay me for my work, my time..I can not influence them to work if thay give a quit after 2 weeks. So I can work and be unpaid for that. I think that is not regular.  What do you think? Were you in such a situation?

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That's a standard arrangement for recruiters, but it's not appropriate to Upwork and someone asking you to work that way here is probably a scammer. You should flag the job so Upwork can look into it.

He didn't write that in job post. He told me that via message and wtite in offer. Is there any option to flag offer? I see 5 freelancers already works on that project.

Hi Brankica,

You can send me a PM with a link to the job post and screenshots of the requirements and expectations of the job as further discussed, and our team will do a review of the client and take action if violationg of our ToS is found.

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