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Help with difficult client

I have already provided 10 revisions and client kept asking for new changes that were out of scope. She won't stop coming up with new stuff every time I change something for her.
Client's behavior was rude and disrespectful. I created the entire website and leaving my money just because of her rude attitude.

I am a top rated freelancer and my success rate is 96%. How will ending the contract affect these?


Hi Alia,


I'm sorry to hear that. It would be best to discuss with your client what they needed to change and what changes they would like to reflect on the project. It is always best to try resolving any misunderstandings before you decide to close the contract. If in case, you prefer to close the contract because you can no longer provide the revisions that the client requires, please politely let your client know. 


This help article gives a detailed overview of how JSS is calculated and what may cause changes in the score when it updates. Kindly check this announcement with information about the recent update to JSS calculation as well.

~ Joanne
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