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Here's an idea - Lower fees for Top Rated Freelancers and clients!! Come on!

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Upwork couldn't thrive without the top rated freelancers and clients, but why am I working so hard to have 20 dollars taken out of everything I earn?! Where is that money going?! To support the site for the people who make it iffy? PLEASE consider a significant discount in service fees for top rated freelancers - then maybe more people will be motivated to improve work ethic and clean up the site! Because this is starting to raise my blood pressure. Every time I think I can count on a certain amount of money, the number is significantly lower when I withdraw it. If it was going to taxes, I wouldn't mind, but it's not! It isn't fair!


I say give the hardest workers something for their efforts and sticking with this site for so long.


I agree. It's not a business mindset to look at it as "what client's charge." You are the freelancer doing the work and it's what you charge. The budget is what the client has listed as what they are looking to pay, but this doesn't really mean much in many cases. Kissing butt is the last thing you want to do because you look desperate and willing to work for pennies. This is not a successful business practice. It's one thing to give bulk discounts, but client's don't respect someone who kisses butt. I have many long term clients that pay my rate consistently and there have been times when I've had to raise my rates. It's just part of business and serious clients understand that. Kissing butt equals getting taken advantage of. Always try to provide good customer service, but if a client doesn't respect your standard rates and policies, then this typically spills over into other areas of the working relationship.


You set your standard rate on what you feel is fair to you, so it's important to stick to it. Sometimes you just have to say no. I have minimum that I work for and I don't waste time or money (connects) on projects that don't meet that minimum or if the client's budget is not there. I go as far as to dig through their history to see if they pay remotely close to my rates and the feedback other freelancer's have left for them. 


Honestly, there needs to be more information to help freelancers in the bidding process. We just now have features showing us if they are previous clients. How many projects do we bid on over and over because the budget is there and everything looks good, but they either haven't awarded preivous jobs or for whatever reason they haven't selected your bid. That's where we are really wasting money and time, as far as connects go. It's not hard to show freelancers if they've bid on a particular client in the past. That's a feature that Elance had and I used it all the time. If I had bid on a client more than twice, I wouldn't waste anymore bids on them. We should be entitled to that information considering it's $2 a bid. 

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