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Here since 2014 but this is the worst I've seen.

I get daily invites from scammers. 

The problem is that UPWORK is not doing anything about it. Or at least this is what I see.


I mean it's been more than 1 month since I get daily invites with the same type of scams. Even If I report them as spam or I block the client, they keep coming every day with new accounts.

If I scroll the feed 7/10 Jobs are scams. Emails, Phone Numbers, Telegram, Discord, everything mentioned in the Job Posts ( WHY IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED?! ) even phishing/spammy links. I mean c`mon, you surely can do better than this.

Is there any VERIFIED KYC for these "Employer" accounts? Lately, Upwork seems like a wonderland for scammers...


I am really curious what's your solutions to these matters! Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? 

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I agree. I have gotten several blatant scam invites this year and because I have declined these invites, I suspect it has black-listed my name in search... since Upwork's algorithm wants to connect clients with users who have a history of accepting invitations. 


This needs to be fixed ASAP or else the platform is unusable.  

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