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Hey Upwork...what do you do with the money if someone doesn't verify?

The verification email I received said I won't be able to withdrawn funds if I don't verify by the deadline. So, what's the system? If someone never verified, what would happen to the hundreds or thousands of dollars they've earned that you were holding a the time you cut off their ability to withdraw?


Preston H wrote:


Unfortunately I think you're caught up in a difficult time... None of which is your fault...


Upwork is transitioning from what was essentially a free-for-all, very open, very trusting system that just let people create accounts and didn't challenge any of the details. In its earlier incarnations, including when it went by different names, people could provide any name they wanted to, use any kid of photo, and claim to live anywhere, and that was all fine.


But due to client complaints and out of a desire to be the most professional, most reliable platform of its kind, Upwork is now going to great lengths to verify various facts about its freelancers.


These efforts don't all work perfectly. Upwork struggles to get things right between accommodating honest users whose situations may not fit into a very price mold on one hand, while on the other hand combatting users who are trying everything they can do to present fraudulent information in order to "game the system."


Hang in there. Keep trying.


As much as it might seem at times that Upwork is a confusing or even "heartless" machine that users with unusual situations are up against... the truth is there ARE people who will listen and who can help you get over these hurdles. This Forum is monitored by Upwork employees who are often able help. If you get stuck, come back here and tell us what's going on.

Preston, I'm sure that's all well-meant advice but please don't cloud the issue with tangential pontificating. We all understand why UW instituted the ID re-verification program and I feel confident speaking for most that we're in favor of anything that effectively discourages, identifies and penalizes fraud. But there's a clear-cut problem in one of the policies associated with the program. Eventually, somebody able and willing to be a test case will come along. Meanwhile, innocent FLs are potentially at risk.


If Carla is tapped to re-verify her identity before she has been able to obtain a new gov't ID card, it's very possible she will be able to connect with someone at UW who is able and inclined to help her avoid disaster. But it's equally possible that she won't. Her efforts to date, to forestall an emergency situation have been futile. The re-reverification notice puts you on a clock and it's a very short window.


ETA: Also, I find it offensive when someone who is obviously quite comfortably situated in the U.S. tells someone in Venezuela to "Hang in there, keep trying." Really?

Just to sum up: Carla's situation is an example of why Tiffany took the time and trouble to bring this problematic policy to center stage. None of us knows when the re-verification ax will fall, therein lies what deterrent power it has to discourage fraud. But a perfectly honest, hard-working FL could get caught in the gears, at least losing their UW account and at worst losing hard-earned money in the bargain. This needs to be resolved.

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