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Hey guys, you can purchase work and put it in your portfolio!!



I recently sent a plagiarism report to customer support for an individual I suspected of lifting logo work from the web. Customer support said he provided a receipt from Shutterstock.com which allows him to use the design. Is it really acceptable for freelancers to pass off other people's work as their own regardless of if they purchased it or not?


You know what, I'm going to go purchase some top-tier work and add it to my portfolio right now! I mean, it's apparently authorized and it'll make me more attractive to clients, right?


End rant. Man Frustrated


lol that's awful.

Yeah, that's really obnoxious, what you saw...


I don't blame you for your rant.


But in all seriousness, one bit of advice I often give to people who ask for help with their profile is to add portfolio items that look like something they created themself.


If you have a portfolio of highly polishes web designs that look like something you downloaded from somewhere, I don't think that is optimal. Because come clients will think that you just downloaded the stuff, or that the work is not really your own.


But if you have portfolio items which look like they were made by the same artist, or written by the same writer, or created by the same designer, and they don't look like anybody else's portfolio, that's very powerful and it will engender trust.

Cheating is allowed if the item was legally obtained?

A lot of my classmates in school would have LOVED that option!

How is cheating in a portfolio become right when we all know it is wrong?

Logic and law are once again separated by an ocean!

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Community Manager

Hi Aaron,


We are following up with the Marketplace Quality team about this case. Thank you for raising it.

~ Valeria

Valeria to the rescue as usual! Smiley Very HappyHeart