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Hi HTML Email developers, I need an advice from you.

I am coming from Elance and I am new to upwork platform. On Elance, I was doing html email design and development work (working with MailChimp, CC, Aweber, etc) and I was very successful in that field. That was my main income and I was focused to bring my expertise to the highest level. Back on Elance, I was able to find all email development jobs in one job posting category and it was very easy for me to apply for the right job. Here, I have big problems.


Some questions:


1) There is no right job category for this specific type of work. Sure, there is a "sales and marketing" category, but many of job posts there are related to what is not html email development and some jobs that are belong to html email is in some different job posting category. So the problem is that I spend much more time to actually find the right job to apply. Any sugesstions?


2) Pricing for this type of job, on Elance, price for this type of work is a way better paid then here. How do you fight with the fact that you need to compete very low price offers here? I am feeling that here I need to compete with low prices and on the Elance I was competing with good quality and that forced me to become better.


3) Related to question #2: On Elance, if you give lowest bid, you get punished by Elance rating system, and this was good, because this forced freelancers to comete with their skills and quality and not to relay on the fact that they can get the job only because they landed lowest offer. Is this system (or similar) active here?

4) I tried to get to upwork groups section from user interface, but no luck. On the end, I had to google out. I found the url to the upwork groups (still don't know how to get there through upwork terrible UI) and there was no mailchimp experts group. I tried another, more specific googling and finally I found that group. I applied to join that group and got no answer. Question: Is there a way for me here to get deeper in my area of expertise?


Sorry for such a long message, but I am very discouraged with moving to upwork and I didn't see one single feature here that is better and encouraging for me. So I am asking here for your help and advice.