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Hi ... How can I be assigned a milestone by someone who isn't a client?

Hi Guys...


Back again.

 My question is brieft this time. I just wanted to know if this was unusual. I've been Upwork for a year and this is only the second time I've seen this.


A client recently assigned me a new milestone. Normally, when this happens, I get a message stating that the client has assigned me a new milestone, with the client being named.


However, this time I received this message:

 **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Notice the client didn't assign me a milestone, but someone called "U". I have no clients named U., no clients with names that start with U and no clients who use U. as short form for their name or company or as a pseudonym


Is this something new that Upwork is doing? 


As usual, any help from you guys is appreciated.






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I think U = Upwork, some autonotify used

Client  **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Natalie,


Thank you for your message. Apologies for the confusion due to a typo error. You can refer to the email content for more information on the contract. 


Thank you,


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