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Hidden Charges of Bank Conversion Rate

As we are community of freelancers, we should all ask from upwork about the hidden charges of bank conversion rate.


I found that market shows a different conversion rate as what upwork bank offers.

They say that market rate fluctuates and we show that rate, and yes I see the fluctuated rate and I am agree with that, e.g 1$ to PKR in market is about 152 and it shows 144 and market drops to 151 it drops to 143 approx I am agree, but I see this large difference betwenn 152-144 and 151-143, which is quite big difference.


It should show the real time rate on Get paid option not the last withdrawal rate

It's bank should show the market value and show the charges what ever they get but not hidden charges (they should show the rate as 151 and 8 some charges).


We provide 20% fee + withdrawl fee + Hidden Charges

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Ask your bank.

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