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Hide a conversation room

Hi there,


I've been using the "hide" option in my messages to maintain some order, archive the interviews that never turned into gigs, as well as the conversations with some one-time clients, and to clearly see the clients that I frequently communicate with.


Now I have a reason to believe that once I've hidden a conversation with someone, they no longer have the possibility to contact me using the hidden room - as if I have blocked them.


I've never blocked anyone (except for a couple of scammers ages ago) and I wouldn't like to discourage former or potential clients from contacting me in the future. I certainly don't want them to think that I've blocked them.


Can someone please clarify this for me? Thanks 🙂

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As far as I know, hiding the room only hides it from your left side tab/window thing. You can still find the room if you go and click the link with view all rooms and people. In case someone msg you in a room that was hidden from your side at some point it will get back in your left side tab, at least that's how I saw it when it happen to me and unless something is broken now or was changed in time, should work that way.

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