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Higher Bid rates sometimes may help to win a job

I want to share most of my odesk/upwork experiences I had on these last 3 months. Every time I see a rate not so good for my taste I apply with a price that is a lot higher than the clients one. Many project that I got hired my bid wasn't same as the clients price. An example you can see on one of my last jobs, where I earned 200$ + a beer Smiley Very Happy (10$ bonus). The orignial price that the client posted was 20$ but I bidded with 200. (crazy isn't it?)
So, without over using this technic, because our connects are precious, give it a try sometime. It may land you a good job.

ps. Why do you think it worked for me? Is it psychological? Do people think that someone who bids higher is much better then others?


I completely agree and often do the same thing. I think once they see the lower priced applicants profiles they realize they want value more than low pricing.




I don't think there is anything crazy about that. Just because clients put those ridiculous amounts doesn't mean they aren't willing (and actually planning) to pay quite a bit more.


I almost never let so-called budgets influence my bids (unless job posts specifically say that they won't consider anything that's higher, then I just don't apply), I always bid amounts that comply with what I need to be making per hour/day/week etc. Or actually more, as it leaves a bit room for negotiations or playing it safe in case a project turns out to be more time consuming that I originally estimated.


Hm… that is very interesting. I always thought that if you bid above the price you would immediately be disqualified. But probably everything that makes you different than others counts.


Maybe they think because you are more confident you will do a better job?! 😄


Often, the budget specified is just a placeholder because the client doesn't know exactly how much the job costs.


Hello Arens, 


1. Yeah, you can bid higher than others and it is also good thing to be noticed by client. 


2. Stick with your rate that you have submitted in the cover letter. Sometimes, I lost many projects when client asked to reduced the rate. I also got many projects with huge amounts with stick on the rate that I applied on that particular job. 


You can see my Upwork profile and I have big amount projects. 


I will go that it is psyche of the clients. 


Good Idea!


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The way I'm seeing it is that some are going to catch a decent or better "luck shot" and some won't (it won't work for everybody). But that's only a part of it.


I'll still say that the contents of the given cover letter and someones profile will do more convincing than a bid. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who landed a job(s) where the client was using the cover letter as a sample but didn't mention it anywhere. Sometimes clients won't even mention it during an interview or at all.


But Arens and others here have completely valid points. You can bid just about anything and STILL get the job.


Some clients will see it as "Wow. Here's someone that's confident and capable looking. He/She bid high like that? Hmmmm... interesting.".


And some clients will see it as "Here's someone that's obviously clear outta their mind... thanks for not reading the post that I put a bid limit on. I really don't have money pouring outta my ears to pay for this!!". << just examples !! Smiley LOL  But anything's possible!!


The problem still remains as part luck shot because the whole thing could turn into a complete disaster no matter what anyone bids or put in the cover letter / profile.