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Higher level service for larger outsourcing companies/high roller freelancers?

Is Upwork considering something like this? Or maybe already has? Something like Upwork Business, but for contractors? With a hefty monthly fee, but a preferred access to big ticket customers, personal manager picking best matching projects (not hard to do, i have an Indian project sourcer doing it for me on Upwork for just $200/month with a big success), introductions to corporate clients?


Trying to do some bizdev apart from Upwork, so far without success... Since Upwork is such a huge hub for development work, why don't you move into this direction, to fulfil growth ambitions of successful contractors?

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I see you run a very succecfull Agency. I'm interested (if you want to share) if you only find clients via Upwork, or you bring them in from outside?

It's not a "very successful" agency, there are tons of agencies making 10x as much as i do. I'm basically just above "ordinary freelancer" level with most of the value/code created in the agency, created by myself. And yes, it's just the Upwork. I never figured how to find clients outside - all offers i ever got were laughable.

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