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Highly Qualified But...


I have been active since UpWork was O-Desk, but have always looked at it as a side gig when I have had extra time because I always worked full time. 


Therefore, I do not have a heck of a lot of hours with UpWork and a lot of opportunities require 90+ hours on UpWork.  One of the gigs I did I produced phenomenal work and set expectations with the client that I was working 2 jobs in parallel but when it came time to rate me, although he rated my quality as exceptional, he rated my responsiveness/turn-around as average.  I am not sure if that has ultimately hurt me but I have sent so many proposals without a response and I am wondering if is A) the lack of hours or B) the good (not exceptional) review that my one client submitted. 


I am a fluent English speaker and I have so many talents (Project Management, Creative Writing, Instructional Design, Creative Design, Presentation Design) - and I am trying to make more of a career out of freelancing in order to help a sick relative as opposed to a 9-5 in office gig which I have done most of my career. Does anyone have any recommendations they can make as to how I can make myself stand out better when it comes to submitting for opportunities? I am very confident that my cover letters and answers to questions that the client asks are answered professionally and crafted very well. 


Thanks in advance,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lori,


Many freelancers noticed that they have more success when they specialise and highlight one skill or a niche in their profile. Currently, you list a lot of very different skills in your profile but it's unclear how exactly you are able to help Upwork clients with their projects. 


Check out the resources below for more tips on improving your profile and proposals for greater success on Upwork:


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~ Valeria