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Highly Skilled Video Editors Don't Do YouTube Videos - Your Thoughts

Hi there!


I have 10 years of experience in media production with a passion for video. 


What I see commonly is that there is a high demand for PROFESSIONAL YouTube Video editing, on the level of Mr. Beast (of course) and so on - however the pay for a single 8-10min video is around $100-$150


Not only that such editing is dynamic, including a lot of assets, thoughts and skills, but usually most jobs searching for a YT editor, need video every 24/72 hours etc. 


I'd like to see how you solve for working on such projects and what advice you have for people who want to appear professional in this niche, but still be paid well. 


Here are MY TOP 3 TIPS for people in the niche:

1. Focus on proccesses (folder structure, assets collection, script writing, brand materials etc)

2. Define your rythm/pace/style before starting
3. Before commiting for a longer engagement with the client, make sure you are both okay with the editing and time of delivery


Curious to hear what are your thoughts on the topic!



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Dear Stanislav

The you tube working culture by Individuals Earns the Recognition & the Spot Light, Comparitively Faster.

But this is not Competitive Enough, though this's some easier learning process,

Acknowledged by the Huge Mass of Civilians.

The Competitive Technology Driven Process are

Acknowledged by the Lesser Masses of Intellectuals.

Hopefully, I had done the Analysis, for Individuals to Choose the

Respective Path i.e., Be Out or, Be In Competition for Fame & Recognition.

Thanking you


R Roy 

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