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Hii! I have send client the change feedback request, but she is unable to see the request

Hi! I have asked a client to changed the feedback that she gave to me accidently. She said please give me the access to edit feedback. I sent her the edit feedback request, Now she is asking from where she can edit the feedback?? Please let me know on which page client can see my change feedback request in order to change the feedback?? Can anyone tell me about that Please?

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The best place to look first would be in the contract she has with you. Keep in mind only the public feedback can be changed, not the private one.


Hi Muhammad Ijaz,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You can share this help article with your client to learn more about editing feedback on a Contract and instructions on how to do it. Please have them reach out to us if they're still having difficulties and we'll surely assist them accordingly. I hope this helps.


~ Arjay
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