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Hire Rate Filter in JOB SEARCH

Hey UPWORK officials,
I just have a suggestion which i want to share with all of you. It may not be the right place to give a feedback but i wasn't aware that where to do that so posting my suggestion here only.

Is that possible that we can have a new filter added in job search window:-
Every client have their respective hire rate percentage, so it would be great if we get a filter to decide on which client's job we wanna apply.

For eg:- A filter which have 4 to 5 categories i:e
1. Less than 30%
2. 30% - 50%
3. 50% - 70%
4. 70% - 90%
5. Above 90%

This was a suggestion which i wanted to share with you all. Hope to hear back from you on my advice.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Paramjit, 


While your suggestion is not yet available, you may filter the client's hire history by ticking any of the options below. 


Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.44.48 PM.png

~ Avery

Thanks for your response Avery,
i am aware about these filters and already using them.
The one i mentioned was just a suggestion to your UPWORK team to add another filter.


Thanks Anyways.


That's a great suggestion.


I need that too, please.

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