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Re: Hire Rates - Study #3 + Statistics

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Its only right that I check on the current hire rates, since many folks here are reporting seeing less hires, more unresponsive posts, and more fixed price projects. Let the stats speak.


Compared to the last study, this one will follow 4000+ jobs compared to 2500 in the last one. Same methodology used, but with much more resolution and accompanying data.


The most telling finding so far is that 60.5% of the jobs posted had a verified payment method compared to 69% from the study in November last year. That's a large increase in clients opting not to verify their payment before posting.


One other thing to note is that I was trying to identify which country was mostly responsible for spam jobs and or unverified payment method post; however it seems the real spammers opt not to reveal their country in their profiles. Therefore the table must be interpreted as is.


The data will be updated throughout the 31 day cycle similar to the last study.

Enjoy the stats. Ask anything.


Total jobs - 4079

Verified - 2467 (60.5%)

Not Verified - 1612 (39.5%)

Hourly - 1554 (38.1%)

Fixed price - 2525 (61.9%)

Average fixed price budget - $652.71

Average hourly rate - $13.52/hr

Average client review - 4.84 stars, from 65,260 ratings

Average job posted per client - 69

Average hire rate per client (from verified profiles) - 51.7%

Average total spent per client (from verified profiles) - $1,727.42


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.33.43 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.36.46 AM.png

---- easy like Sunday morning ----
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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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When one looks at this, it seems easy, just like a Sunday morning :-)


But I know that it requires some real talent to do what you do.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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Craig A Member Since: Jan 18, 2016
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That is a true expert.


Take something difficult, and make it look like anyone could do it Smiley Happy


Well done.

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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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Hi Setu,


thanks as always for providing thought provoking data. Some raise "?"s for me, but I'll challenge my brain a bit longer to see if that adds any clarity.


One thing I've been meaning to comment on in the past:


"Average total spent per client (from verified profiles) - $1,727.42"


Unless it evens out in the background, the forefront (meaning what is displayed on a client's profile) is rather blurred (imo). Example: Amount displayed on a client' profile: Over 50k - Amount displayed on an invitation by the same client: 650k


Or are you already taking this into consideration somehow?

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Setu, you are a GENIUS!  "Easy like Sunday morning" def. does not apply should I even begin to attempt what you do.


Frankly, you are the first (and probably the last) person to make usable sense out of U.'s available raw data.  I am in awe.

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Thanks all Smiley Happy


@ Sandra,


Displaying the 'average' on its own does not tell the whole story. Of course that average give a very hopeful assessment of the marketplace. This is the breakdown of that average.




This is just what I expected. I can tell you also that half of the first bar ($0-$1000) is above $500. Therefore I would say that majority of 'verified clients' spend more than $500 on the platform. However that may be across many projects. I will give you an average estimate per project later.


Also I chose 'verified clients' because the amount they spent can be easily seen, and over what time. The data cannot account for the exorbitant offers that some clients post, but never hire or hire lower. However the 'total spent' accounts for that.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----