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Hiring Problem

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Abdellah E Member Since: Jan 3, 2015
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Hello Freelancers,


I need someone how can take a look into my profil, and see if there's somthings that i'm missing.

With your help, i can know why i'm not hired.


Thank you too much

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Abdullah, you asked an honest question and you deserve an honest answer. The English grammar and word usage exhibited in your profile text is quite bad.

I know that this is not entirely fair, because you are wisely not offering to translate TO English (only from English). But most potential clients will be native English speakers. When they read your profile and see what you wrote they will quickly lose confidence that you are a good translator.

You need to find some native English speaking foreign exchange students or tourists or friends who you have met online and ask them to rewrite you profile text so that it reads correctly in the mind of a native English speaker.

The quality of the English on your profile currently is good enough for somebody offering to do purely visual work, such as painting a book cover or drawing cartoon caricatures. It is not good enough for someone selling himself as a professional whose primary stock in trade is the English language.

Also: You need to add a paragraph describing the basic guiding philosophy behind your translation work. What is your style? When I hire you, what do I get that is different (better) than what I get when I hire other translators?

And very important: You need to put at least six really nice portfolio pieces on your profile page. These will probably be translations that you do for FREE, that you do on your own. You will spend a lot of time on these, making them perfect. And they need to look great, too.

Translate some texts and websites which have never been translated to French or Arabic before. Make sure your translation is very different from what one would get if one used Google translate.
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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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As a translator myself I can provide some input too. I will second Preston about your English skills. It is true that since you are translating from English, and not to English, you do not need to have the same command of English that of your native language.


However you still need to be fluent in your source language so you can understand all its subtleties. A lot of people think that being able to read a foreign language is enough to be a translator. This is absolutely not the case. First, a translator is fluent in his source language, and he has a perfect command of his target language, which is his native language and nothing else.


Then, a translator is a creative writer since translation is far more that translating words. A translator must grasp the culture linked to his source language, and convey the source meanings and concepts to its own culture.


And double translators, those who have two target languages? I am very skeptical about this. Unless you speak French with native French speakers and you live or have lived in a French speaking country, you may not have all the skills to make your translations flow naturally.


If I were you I would work hard on the translation techniques, you can educate yourself online, there are lot of ressources available. And you should improve your English skills by practicing, by reading and by listening to radio programs or watching TV programs in English.

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Ronald T Member Since: Sep 14, 2009
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Continue working on your freelancer profile in order to complete and improve all sections to the best of your ability: Overview, Work History and Feedback, Portfolio, Tests, Certifications, Employment History, Education, Other Experiences.

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