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Hi there I have been applying to jobs for many times but I even have not received on a message from clients but I think my profile set up not bad and I'm sending 80% or even 100% personalized proposals and mostly I spent about 10 or 15 mins to do so. When I'm checking my status it is always positive and still, have not received even one invitation to job or message from clients please help if you think something is not correct with my profile, please inform me thanks.


P.S I think you can see my profile but anyway I'm attaching a link to my profile 

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Hi Bekzod,


If you want to get hired, you need to follow a proven formula for selling yourself. I read everything I could find by Danny Margulies. His blog https://freelancetowin.com/ does have paid content, but I just ignored all the paid stuff and read the free bits. He charges for things like "templates for proposals" and stuff like that, but really if you are mildly intelligent, you can write these yourself by following his process and building your own repeatable formula.

P.S. Danny recommends using Photofeeler. As you can see from my profile pic, I have not used it for this photo. I used photofeeler.com originally but became too busy with work so changed my photo so that I'd get less offers.



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Hi Bekzod,


In addition to what Damon suggested, you may want to check out these articles from our Hiring Headquarters to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork:

8+ Tips to Help You Create a Profile That Stands Out

Upwork Profiles: Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference

A How-To Guide for Your Perfect Profile Picture

Get Your Profile to the Next Level with an Intro Video

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio Regardless of Your Skill Set


Let me know if you need anything else.

~ Riri
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