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Holding so much Hourly Work is Selfish.

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Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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If it's on Elance, it's easy. They can use separate computers to track clients at the same time. They can surpass more than 24 hours a day with that method. I once made a thread about that due to an idiot who admitted it like it was a hobby. Two computers, same time tracker, work 13 hours x 2 clients = 26 hours a day.


On UpWork, the only way to work 24/7 here is to overcharge with manual time. Either by agreement on time consumed per project or bonus, if the clients (yes, clients. Maybe 11-15+ clients) agree, then BOOM 24/7 paycheck. 


To be honest, the most I've seen here charge up to 135 hours but they're all low-rates. ($3-$5). I also call them schemers.


Oh yeah, they have an entire FB page dedicated to freelancers who do this. Idiots, huh?

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Patrick P Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Oh, gross. Totally missed that post earlier directed at Isabelle. Welp.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Good job everyone. Make someone who speaks english as a second language feel small and stupid. He had valid points, but one could see past their own personal agendas. It is really a sad world when people criticize for language, spelling and what they don't understand. 


Why is is so difficult to say, I don't quite get what you are saying, could you perhaps reword it? But no it is easier to make someone feel small. 


Elmar proved his point with the responses in this thread. Just shaking my head. 

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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@Suzanne N wrote:


Elmar proved his point with the responses in this thread. Just shaking my head. 

Sounds like deja vu.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----
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Fatima A Member Since: Sep 26, 2013
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Haven't gone through the whole thread yet, but my opinion in addition to what a lot of others have said:


First of all, why assume each one of those hourly contracts is active? I've got some 7 hourly contracts and all but two of them basically function as a retainer of sorts. Weekly hours worked are on a sliding scale, going up and down as the clients need. So why do I still have them? Because the clients like what I do, they trust me to do it, and we've both invested in a working relationship that stretches back years now.


I'm a bleeding heart liberal but this isn't just the free market working--this is individual autonomy and freedom to choose and to consent, to enter only into the relationships we want. Newsflash: clients who want to work with other people work with other people! Why should those who don't be forced to find someone else just because one project ended? Why should the freelancers they prefer to stick with be made to feel guilty for not "cutting them loose"? What, would you also suggest that because it's so hard to find love in this world, all romantic relationships should have a built-in expiry date and it's selfish to be in a long-term relationship (don't even get me started about polyamory) when there are so many single people in the world?


Clients are not text on screen and a nice wad of cash in your bank account. As freelancers, we don't deal with "money"/"jobs"/tasks. We deal directly with real, live, human beings. People are not currency to be passed around and redistributed in the interest of "fairness". Relationships matter. They might in fact be the most important determinant of job success. You can learn to code, write, draw, manage--whatever hard skills you have, they can be standardized, measured, and improved through a clearly defined learning program. But your job is not to push pixels around. Your job is to help someone. You might be able to become a better PHP programmer after reading a technical book, but you can't just become a better communicator overnight because you read a book about communication. And personality? Forget about it--nobody can pick up a book and just "learn" to have a different personality. That match is precious and I can understand why freelancers and clients would both be reluctant to give it up.


But hey, for all this, I still don't get paid for hours I don't log--if a client won't need anything from me till October, does that mean I don't have any bills to pay till October? I don't only exist when somebody messages me either. I have to eat, too. So yes, if I see a project I like that sounds like something I want to commit myself to, I go for it. If the feeling is mutual, I get the job.


Quit shaming people for being honest and autonomous in who they work with and how. There are real problems with the freelance economy, but these things aren't those problems. The one contract "arrangement" I find objectionable is when (often veteran) contractors bid and win a project because of course they're overqualified for it, but then they secretly subcontract it to newbies/less 'visible' freelancers. I feel this exploits both the client (who paid to have YOU work on it) and the subcontractor (who doesn't get a smidgeon of credit, and only a fraction of the budget the original client allocated for the job, despite all their hard work). That's about it.


Transparent, mutually consensual and respectful long-term working relationships are neither exploitation nor unethical. They are something to aspire to as a personal and professional goal. Redirect that energy to finding people who are looking to work with someone like you. And once you find each other, you might also discover you'd rather not work with random other people either.

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Patrick P Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Suzanne, I think that's uncalled for. Elmar is not being criticized for his English. There are plenty of examples of people being jerks on this forum toward second language posters, but this is a case where Elmar has accused veteran posters of unfair practices - practices that the majority of us consider not only defensible, but reasonable, good business practices - and in the posts I've read, that accusation is what people are criticizing (except for 3 or 4 posts criticizing his hitting on a stranger over the internet).

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Isabelle Anne A Member Since: May 19, 2014
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I think there were only a couple of posts criticizing his English, so I don't know how you can say:

"Good job everyone. Make someone who speaks english as a second language feel small and stupid... It is really a sad world when people criticize for language, spelling and what they don't understand. "

Elmar made his point very clear - there is no misunderstanding there - and that's what many of us are criticizing.
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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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Elmar , you have been told. It's a Digital Jungle where dreams (of making the big bucks) can become a reality - or broken into pieces . Shudder.

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Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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 tl;dr having multiple clients is not only an advantage but also a form of securing a sizeable amount of money for daily living.


I'm reviving this thread because today, one of my favorite clients told me he doesn't have anything for me this week due to budget constraints. He's an hourly client and I'm starting to think he can't afford me. I like the work I do for him but it would be sad to part ways only because of the rates. 


@Topic:  Having multiple clients is essential specially if you depend on the availability of work per day or per week. You can call this "hoarding" or being "selfish" but it's all about securing a fixed income. This is particularly important if one of your clients somehow becomes inactive or chooses to close the contract. I know we've all had these kinds of clients before which ended up having us to close the contract ourselves.


Just like in my line of work, you can't expect a client to have you write an unlimited amount of articles per week since they may not always publish an article or have any good topics to write on. In my case, 5 of my clients have not asked me to do work this week but I still have 4 to work for. This affects me heavily since just having 4 or 5 inactive clients means my earnings would be cut in half.


Imagine taking a 50% cut on your paycheck when you promised a few friends you'll treat them on your birthday. Now you have the option to treat fewer friends or fake illness until you get more work done.