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Hourly Contract Termination by Client


I am Tauhid, new to Upwork. Last week, I selected for an hourly job and successfully worked for 10 hours. But suddenly client ended the contract and I have not been paid my $15 per hour payment for 10 hours. I have logged my working hours with the Upwork time tracker app. I think I am scammed and I also know that Upwork will help me with its strong policy but how? I am totally disappointed.

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Hi Mir,


To view in what stage your earnings are go to Reports > Overview. 
When you`re working on hourly contracts your clients are billed every Monday for the time tracked in the previous week. To learn more about how you`re getting paid on hourly contracts, check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for your valuable reply. Payment is on security pending status.

Yes, that is perfectly normal. As per the article you were asked to read, the funds will be available next Wednesday.

Thanks for your kind reply. Really feeling happy to hear that.

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You should probably review all of Upwork's resources for new freelancers. Otherwise, you are likely to land in other situations where you must worry about whether the contract is valid and you will be paid. Upwork places the responsibility on freelancers to understand all the steps they need to take to ensure the contract goes well. 

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