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Hourly Contract vs Weekly Payment

Hi Upwork Community,


I would like to know if the weekly payment method is different from an hourly contract? If so, is it an option that is still available for clients when creating a contract for a freelancer? I have this client who has manual time allowed in our contract (40 hours a week) due to flexibility of our schedule (and also allowing me to input time for idle hours as his executive assistant while he is out of office or has no tasks for me). Do we have an option to change the contract type to weekly payment instead?


Thank you.

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It’s not possible to do that I think. Solution is to end the contract and start new one.
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Please note that there is no payment protection for either a weekly salary payment or manual time...


If you are OK with that, get the client to end the contract and rehire you. The way to set up a weekly salary is to go for an hourly contract, set the weekly limit to zero, go into "advanced options" and set up the weekly salary there.


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