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Hourly Job done, 0 Minutes

Hi. I think I may have made a mistake 😄


Long story short, a client asked me to translate few pages, 0.02 rate per word. Job was hourly. It took me like an hour or more, but I didn't turn on my timer because it didn't make sense? Why do I need to turn on the timer, if the price is based on words count not on hours. So I asked the client what to do, he said he would pay me as a bonus if i sent the files though upwork messages. I sent the files, client's reviews are okay, so I didn't see anything wrong.


Anyway, is it even possible to pay me as a bonus, even when the hours are 0? I also asked the client if i should just leave the timer for few hours and then he could pay me. He repeated he would pay me a bonus.


Did I just get trolled? Can i submit the work manually writing the hours etc? I coudn't find anything in options.


Please someone explain 😕

P.S. I've only done fixed jobs so far, so this was my first hourly.


You will have to wait to see if the client pays. It would be rude to set the timer to attempt to get paid now. Plus, there would be no activity recorded, so it wouldn't work anyway. 


Go to the New To Upwork section and read all the information in the top post on how to use Upwork and get paid- including for hourly jobs. If you do an hourly job in the future, make sure to record the work AND write a memo (there's a space for it) about what you are doing. 

Thanks for the advise. So, client is still able to pay me somehow? Why set hourly for this kind of job in the first place?

Hi Vilite, 


Your client can pay you a bonus amount for the job. However, because this was an hourly contract and there were no hours logged or tracked in the Work Diary, you will not have any payment protection. This means, if the client decides to not pay you the bonus you wont receive payment for your work. Please review the help article here on how payment protection works