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Hourly Limit exceeds this week, Will my client be also notified so he can approve ?

I have worked more than the hours, I Use to work.

Actually, I am NOT habbitutal of asking clients regarding anything for payments and they fully trust me.

Do they will be notified (By Upwork )that this week, I have worked more than the hourly limit ? Or Either I have to contact them ?

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Hello Tahir,


Your clients will be able to see that you've worked more than your weekly limit.  Please note that only hours within a contract's weekly limit are protected; hours in excess of the limit won’t be billed. Your clients can issue bonus payments for any hours worked beyond weekly limits. To learn more, please click here.

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If your contract has a weekly limit of hours (an actual contract setting) and you went over that limit, you won't get paid. If you do want to be paid, you'll have to ask your client for a bonus and explain what happened.


If you just have some kind of verbal agreement with your client, or you usually work 20 hours and this week you worked 25 hours, but there's no actual fixed limit on your contract, then your client won't know unless you tell them.

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