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I'm a newbie on Freelance I recently gave a proposal all it would allow me to price was $3 per hour can someone explain this I used to be a call center Manager, Customer Service Cold Calls but am I missing something Billable hours as in call time would even be less ??

I wonder if you could rephrase your question, using actual sentences in English so we can help you?

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$3 per hour is the minimum. You can charge more.

Whatever idiosyncratic dialect or stream-of-consciousness experimentalism the original poster's message is derived from, his profile overview text appears to come from the same place.


So all concerns about comprehensibility and conformity to traditional English language sentence structure norms aside, you have to him points for consistency.

I guess some unfortunate people have no native language at all. The good side of this rare situation is that they can live in any part of the world, it won't make any difference.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Preston, besides 'points for consistency', how about credit for originality? At least OP's profile wasn't plagiarized. Robot Happy

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Okay, all kidding aside...


Original poster Jessie:

You have a newly-minted profile on Upwork, with no work history, no jobs completed yet.


If you want to succeed here you need to user proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar in your profile overview text.


AND you need to do so in your posts in the community forum. We here in the forum AND potential clients absolutely, 100% WILL judge your professionalism and intelligence based on how you use the English language.


We're not the language police, and we don't comment if people use a bit of "online speak" or some jargon or spell some words incorrectly. But your language on your profile page needs to be error-free, and your language here in the Form needs to make us believe you are a professional whose English language skills reflect the the proficiency level they claim on their profile.


And you need to replace your photo with a photo that sends the message: "I want to be hired."


Your current photo sends the message: "I'm must playing around here."


Why would you be charging $3 an hour? Are you living in the dark ages.


Add a few more zeroes to that