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Hourly contract Suspended

Hi freelancers!


I recently started working for the first time on hourly contracts. I did absolutely everything - kept a diary, wrote a memo, and upwork took screenshots as expected and on time.

When I was almost done and sent the client a link to google drive so that he could download the final video (it weighs 2.5 GB, so I put it on the cloud), I saw that the contract was Suspended. So I quickly closed the cloud share link.


The client quite rudely and bluntly wrote to me that he had already paid for the work, and I should give him access to the folder. I told him that Upwork strictly recommends not working and waiting until the client solves his problem.


But now it’s Monday, my payment is in the status of "in review", but the client did not answer me.

What will happen in this case?

Will I get paid for my work?

And what if the customer leaves a bad review, although I did everything, I just didn’t upload the video, since the contract was suspended?

Would you kindly please help me? 

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Do not send your job a while contract suspended.

You will be paid if used time tracker correctly.

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You should not do further work on this contract. But you are saying that you are finished and were going to send the client the finished or almost finished product. 

So you are withholding the product from the client, the work he already paid for. 

I can't imagine this will lead to great feedback for you. 

I just didn’t upload the video, That's like me saying, I did everything, I worked for hours on a translation, I just didn't sent the client the file. In short, withholding work the client already paid for is not a great idea. 

In this case, almost everything was done, but at the very last moment, Upwork suspended the contract.

It turns out that if, say, a client has an error with payment, but I send him a finished project, then he can get it just like that?

But Upwork recommends to stop working.

Yes, upwork recommends to stop working. They don't recommend to withhold the finished product from a client that already paid for it. 

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