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Hourly contract, how to deal with old unlogged worked time?

Hello there,


I've accepted for the first time an "hourly contract". The problem is that when beginning working I did not use the official upwork timer but only a timer provided by the client himself.


Now, I'm using both but I've got a lot of time unlogged in upwork. In the work diary I'm not able to enter manual times for several weeks ago. How to deal with this situation?


Has the customer the ability to enter manual time for an arbitrary number of hours?





Wow two time trackers. Keyloggers on top of keyloggers.


I would first speak to the customer on this occasion. Tell him that untracked time for previous weeks aren't there, so you'd like to add them to the current week. Make sure your communication is in Upwork's system. Get the response in Upwork's system.


For time tracker issues in the current week, I always had issues with the time tracked, so I would type in manual time and just say "Manual time since tracker is not working correctly." 


Like Jennifer said, the first step really is to talk with the client about how they'd like it to appear.  Another option is for them to hire you for a fixed priced contract that covers all the back hours that you've worked under their time tracker.


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