Hourly contract not showing

Hi, I have got a hourly job in 7th April & already I've finished.My client also ended the contract & provide me the feedback. Can you please help me with one thing that is when it will appear in my job in process? Is any time limitation for showing? Thanks

I looked at your profile, you have completed a fair amount of contracts, so I will assume that you did track time properly to an active contract. I don't know for sure, but I think there is a server delay. I had the same issue this week with a new client, I was hired, and started working, but the actual time tracked didnt show up for 3 days. Then, when the reset came this week, the time log review did not show the contract, or the billed time at all, neither did my profile, though the contract is visable to me in my jobs section. I did not lodge a report, but I decided to wait a few days, and low and behold, everything squared once oDesk actually charged the client. The hours showed on my profile, and in billing as they should. You have the option of contacting to look into it, or you can wait a while to see if it shows up. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your nice reply..I think I'll wait.

I have contacted the support on this issue and it appears that the hours only appear once a week once the review period is over. In other words: This week's hours won't be added before Monday noon (GMT).

Great information Thanks..