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Hourly jobs



I'm finding it alomost impossible to gain hourly jobs. I don't have two much of a problem with fixed rate jobs, but hourly ones are often better paid, and high-paying clients often seem more impressed with freelancers who've accrued 100's of hours. Is there a magic formula for getting the hours, or is it just a matter of time?



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Hi Ramon

When working with someone for the first time, clients prefer a fixed priced job to try out the contractor. When you have established a relationship with a client and he decides to rehire you for more jobs, you can try negotiating your terms with him and ask him to hire you for hourly jobs with restricted hours. 


Also when applying for jobs, use job filters on the left hand side to search for jobs that pay hourly. Usually short term projects are fixed price.


I see that even though your logged hours are less, you have worked on various jobs. Try mentioning that in your cover letter so that clients do not overlook your profile based on hours logged in.

Yes, that's a good idea, perhaps I can negotiate with repeat clients to see if they'll simply swap the fixed price for a set number of hours. What I'd really like is one long-term hourly job that offers 40 hours a week, I expect I'm not alone in that though!


Many thanks,



Eggs and baskets spring to mind. ..


I simply tell new clients about the Odesk Guarantee on hourly projects and they're hooked; had to tell one to set a limit to the number of hours/week as it's set to unlimited and is messing up with my Odesk time tracking app.


I wonder if you're into copywriting... let me know so I can send your profile link to a client, thanks.


ETA:  This also includes the money-back guarantee on my profile (still have some weird feelings about it...)

Yes, any reputable client is bound to go for a sytem whereby they have complete control over the system, particularly now the escrow thing has been set up, thanks, it's a great idea.


P.S I have no idea whether I can do copywriting or not, I have written bits and pieces during the last 6 months, but not specific writing,  what exactly do employers want in a writer?