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Hourly payment protection


Sir yesterday I got a job by a client to find monetize YouTube channels and clients wants to buy the channels. He give me hourly job. Our contract to $400 by $50 per hour. I work for him and completed with 8 hours. Now client said to purchase the channels. My question is that my hourly payment are square or not when i purchase the channels, client can run away or my hourly work mease payment essu. Please solve my problem. Thanks 



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This is all very silly, and I think you already know that.


You don't have to purchase anything.

You don't have to pay anything.

If the client wants to purchase channels, he can purchase channels.

He will use his own money, using his own credit card.


YOU need to make sure that you log ALL of your time while working on behalf of this client. Run the desktop time-tracker and log time when you DISCUSS buying channels... .when you explain to the client that he may purchase channels, and you will provide consultation to him, if he needs it. You will be happy to start a Zoom session during which he shares his screen, and you can tell him what to do.


But you aren't paying for his channels.

Sir, I want to know that I received the payment who I work fory client in hourly? Client can run away or hourly payment return to the client?

The client's credit card will be charged automatically for the hours that you logged.

Can the payment go back to the client? Or it will get me?

Yes, the payment can go back to the client if the job looks suspicious, and it already looks suspicious that this client wants to pay you 5 times your hourly rate. It sounds like you already know that something is wrong, so why are you considering working for them?


Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know that clients will not ask freelancers to pay anything for them as this is against Upwork ToS. I suggest that you refrain from purchasing anything for the client. I reported this to our team and if they're found to be violating ToS, the job will be taken down and we will take action against their account.


Kindly read this article for more information on how you can protect yourself in Upwork.

~ AJ
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Will I get paid for the work I have done? 

If the client does not pay, Upwork will evaluate if the hours you logged are meeting the protection criteria, but not at your regular rate, not at $50/hr.

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Have sent so many proposals but no reply. Any useful tips will be highly appreciated.

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Check job description carefully then submit the personal and your perposal must be attractive.

 In the personal you discuss the client problem and project. If attachments you have then must be attached.

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