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Hourly rate issue

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Sara K Member Since: Apr 18, 2012
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I am facing a problem from long time as I am not able to apply on any project less than $3 per hour and that is the reason I am losing many projects on Odesk as clients look to pay btw 1 and $2 per hour. I am earning small amount each month due to this problem. Can any body tell me how can I remove such restriction?
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Leah Mariae E Member Since: Apr 4, 2012
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I am facing this problem also, I can't apply less than $3. Applying not less than $3 per hour is okay for me so that the client will not abuse the other contractors paying $0.50 or even $0.10 per hour. But of course I understand you since clients will not hire contractors bidding $3 per hour or more, they will choose who will bid less than that, and we are rejected already.
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PRADEEP C Member Since: May 30, 2011
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Experienced freelancers are bound to rate restriction. Today or tomorrow those who are bidding at the ridiculous lowest rate, would be bounded to rate restriction. So, bidding the lowest rate is not the ultimate solution for getting jobs. Its better to find alternative way to get jobs. Move to those skills which pays higher and also try to ask a reasonable rate rather than lower rate for those skill related jobs.
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John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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You say you have a Masters Degree?!? Why do you want to work for less than $3 per hour? Seems fing crazy! I started off on this site around $5 per hour...but as time went by I put my rate up. I always wonder what a $2 per hour contractor achieves.... You say in your profile title that you are a SEO expert and yet your advertised rate is $6 per hour. The term "Expert" and $6 per hour does not go hand in hand. Every Jack and Jill on this site claims to be an expert that is not new. Come up with something exciting or unique for you profile title.