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Hourly vs. Fixed Price Contracts

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Barry S Member Since: Sep 17, 2014
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I am incredibly upset right now so I am going to do my best to stick to the facts and let you decide. Perhaps if we stand up as a community this issue will change in some fashion. I hired a provider on Sept. 1st, 2014. After seeing one piece of work I could immediately tell that the provider's work would be sub-par and after having a difficult time communicating with him, I immediately decided to fire him. I fired the provider on Sept. 6th, 2014. He may have done one full days worth of work in that time, but I doubt it. He was un-responsive for part of the five days to top it off (another reason I decided to fire him). I paid one third of the $900 I had agreed to pay ($297) up front. The provider would lead me on and say he was going to pay me back. I am a very busy guy so I had forgot to get a hold of him when he said he was going to refund PART of the money. Long and short I decided to take the matter up with oDesk. I have since been informed that I am not able to dispute fixed price contracts. This policy DESPERATELY needs to change. Having some sort of 5, 7, or 10 day window to decide how the quality of work is going to be is essential. Sadly many of these providers put up amazing looking profiles with good reviews and they are clearly not as qualified as their profile makes them out to be. I am disgusted by this whole interaction as I am being told that I basically have no options and if the guy wants to just keep my money he can do that. I will not be doing any more contracts with oDesk until this policy changes., and so comes my thousands that I have pumped in to eLance and oDesk.
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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I hope you at least gave him appropriate feedback. Sometimes that is enough to get a refund on shoddy or no work.