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Hours hired VS Actual Job given



I was hired by a client two weeks back for workload of 40hrs/week. First week I had work for about 30hours and the second week I had to do a lot of followup to get me work which counted to 7 hours. And this week I have not had any work.


I am bit cautious not to get overloaded by taking more job. This is the first time I have this problem. 


Do you guys have similar situation . How do you handle it.


Please advise.




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Hi Joseph,


A lot of freelancers shared their experience and best practices in similar situations on this thread. Feel free to check it out.

~ Valeria
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Many factors plays role here.
Communicate with client and figure out how he/she considering your work quilty?
Does they hired another person for your work?
How much work they have?

Sometimes client have pending work, when this is done, they keep freelancer for future projects.
And so on, there can be many reason they are not providing work right now.
Best i suggest to communicate with client and see what they want. Side by side look for another jobs and if you got busy you can adjust time table and be honest with every client if you can not complete on time. So they can look for another freelancer.

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Ask the client politely about the planned workload. Maybe you were faster then they expected and will just need you from time to time for updates. I have a client who had me working full time for almost two months and now it is sometimes only 10 minutes weekly. But it depends on your line of work.


Keep looking for other jobs. Maybe you find something with 20h or less. A contract without guranteed work (which includes most contracts) is no reason to stop applying for other jobs.

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