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How Can I Know If I Have Been Paid Or Not For Hourly Jobs?

Hello Everyone,

I'd like yo thank all of you who are working in this community and helping each ather.

I am a new freelancer and got my fist job which was an hourly job couple of days ago.I completed that job succesfully and got a 5 star rating from client.But my account is still showing $0 !

In one place,Upwork is showing me that my total earnings is zero but in another place,it is showing that total billed amount is$ 17.55 !

Please view these two screenshots and let me know what happened:




and here is another:




I need to tell you that I haven't added any payment option such as paypal or skrill.

Now please tell me if I got paid or not.If not,what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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Tahmeed, congratulations on completing your first job. I don't think there's anything to worry about. If you look below the Job Success area on the left, it says, 'Last updated Jan 11.' Job Success is updated every 2 weeks, so on Jan 25. the 12-month earnings will probably be updated.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Thank you so much sir.So,can I assume that I got paid?

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I think that you will need to select a payment option.  If there are no discrepancies between your bank account details and the information in your profile, your money will be wired to your bank account.  You may also want to go through this thread: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Announcements/Upwork-Payment-Protection/m-p/80218/highlight/true#M63...  Thanks.

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On hourly contracts you are paid according to the schedule.




If you want to see what has been paid and which stage of the process it's in click on REPORTS



hello,please see this screenshot. in pending tab, $11.84 is pending and $0.000 is available.but i have succesfully done that job,buyer have already closed that job.but why is Available tab showing $0.000 balance?haven't i been paid yet?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tahmeed,


Please read this Help Article and see my comment above. The funds under Pending are subjected to a 5-day security period and will be available for withdrawal on Wednesday, January 27. The payment for the hours logged in the current week will be available for withdrawal the following Wednesday, February 3.

~ Vladimir

I have worked worked on hurly contact, I have worked for one week and completed worked for hourly limit, but when I logged on Monday I didn't see my invoice on contract but I have read that on hourly contact invoices are generated automatically to client, But I am not able to see it on my contract on my Monday, I am from India and Client is from US.


Anuj K wrote:

I didn't see my invoice on contract but I have read that on hourly contact invoices are generated automatically to client,

The client will be invoiced this afternoon UTC. Give it time. Getting paid is automatic.

Read all about how hourly contracts are paid.

Hi Petra,


A work week just ended, and I reviewed the report (attached). Shouldn't this report be showing the amount that is due, instead of showing a zero? I'm referring to the "Amount Billed" section.


It's an ongoing job, but I'm under the impression that payments are scheduled by work weeks. Am I missing something?

Hi Zeeshan,


Your client isn't yet billed for the hours you logged last week and the charge will be reflected in the report today after 12pm UTC time. Please find more details about the weekly billing cycle in this Help article.

~ Vladimir
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tahmeed, welcome to Upwork and congrats on winning and successfully completing your first job!


Please check the article Petra shared to familiarize yourself with the weekly billing cycle.


Once you click on the "Reports" tab at the top of your page, you'll be able to see:


- funds for the hours logged in the current week (Work in Progress section),

- funds for the hours logged in the previous week (in Review),

- finally you'll see funds in the Available section once they clear the security period (under Pending) and become available for withdrawal.


Work Diary.png

~ Vladimir
Community Member

hello, could you help me? now i have the same problem and how did you solve it?

Hi Tamari,


I checked your account and was able to locate only one fixed price contract. To view in what stage your earnings are go to Reports > Overview.
To learn more about Upwork and how it works, I would recommend to check out our resources Here. Thank you.

~ Goran
Community Member

Hello, can you help me too? I have the same issue as well. Thansk!

I'm done already with the hold policy of 5 days last week, but why I cannot see any available balance on my earnings? It's still on PENDING?? Please help me. Thanks much!



Please check the Weekly Billing Cycle article for more information about the schedule to release hourly payments. It takes about 10 days for payments to be processed. The first week is when you log time on an hourly contract, which ends every Sunday. The client then has 5-days to review, and/or, dispute any the hours logged on the Work Diary. If there are no issues with the hours logged, the payment for the contract will then go to a 5-day security period before it becomes available on your account.


The funds you’re referring to are currently under the Pending tab. That means they are currently subjected to a standard five-day security period and will become available for withdrawal on Wednesday. 


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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