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How Did You Get Started?

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Lisa S Member Since: Jul 6, 2017
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I am new to Upwork and have submitted my first few proposals.  My background covers several work areas from writing, proofreading, administrative work, human resources, legal, etc.  I am curious how long it took most of you to get your first assignments.  I want to ensure my time is well spent in searching and preparing proposals.


Also, do you have any tips when preparing your proposals?  Is your cover letter lenghty or brief and concise?  Also, how often to you include attachments and if you do, do you redact information that may be privy to a prior employer or client?  Thanks.

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Sandra S Member Since: Mar 26, 2017
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Hi Lisa,


I’ve just started on Upwork three months ago, so I’m still pretty new as well.


I’ve landed my first job within 3 days but the most valuable thing I’ve learned so far: read carefully what the client is looking for and respond appropriately.


Recently I was hired by a client who told me that out of 40+ proposals only three responded to the questions asked in the job offer. As you can imagine those three were in the race while the rest was sorted out immediately.


If you want to add attachments, I’d make sure to a) use examples that you have permission to use (when starting out (I’ve asked a few clients when I started out and it was no problem at all) or b) I’ve used examples that weren’t related to any clients but from my personal projects. I think, that for all the work you do through Upwork their standard NDA applies.


I hope that helps a bit 🙂




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Katherine Y Member Since: Jul 6, 2017
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I'm brand new to Upwork (I've been here about a week now!), and I just landed my first gig after 16 submitted proposals in the system. 


My cover letters have been brief, but I make sure to touch on something specific from the job posting or ask engaging questions about the assignment so they know I've read the description and am interested in doing the work. 


I have only ever inluded one attachment, as I don't have a big portfolio that I am able to share.