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How Do I Get My Hours Counting On Work Diary

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Kingsley I Member Since: Dec 22, 2019
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Hello anyone willing to help.


I am not sure I know how to go about my first project  as I am new here. I got a project and I have work for hours but I am not sure I know my way around things. First, How do I keep record of the hours I have work?

Community Leader
Sarah B Member Since: Dec 15, 2017
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Hi Kingsley, do you have an hourly contract or a fixed rate contract? Have you downloaded the Upwork Time Tracker? You use this to log hours as you work them.

If you do have an hourly contract, since you have already worked a few hours, they will need to be added manually. Your contract should indicate whether or not manual hours are allowed. If they are not, you'll need to ask the client to allow you to manually add the hours you worked.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Kingsley, 

Since you have an hourly contract, you will need to download the Upwork Desktop App to be able to log time for this contract. You may read more about the Upwork Desktop App by checking out this help article. 


Since you are new here, I highly recommend that you read up on the freelancer resources we have compiled, for great tips and insights on how you can work successfully on the platform. Please don’t forget to read the Safety First! section of the resources, and these tips for avoiding questionable jobs for more information about working safely through Upwork.


If you were unable to log time previously, you may ask your client if you can log in manual time. Hopefully, they agree to your request. In the future, please make sure to log time with the Upwork Desktop App for hourly contracts.