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How I can buy connect with my Upwork balance?

Hello, my balance approved today and I want to buy connect with that, but there is no any option to buy with Upwork balance. I want to remove my bank account info, but again Upwork does not let me to remove it. So, I do not want to buy any connect with my credit card now. I could not find the Upwork balance option in the website. 



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You cannot. You also cannot pay for a FL+ account with it.
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Community Manager

Hi Kaan, 

When you try to purchase Connects on this page what happens when you click on the Buy Connects button? 

Also, on this page, do you have the option to remove your billing method?


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 12.26.27 PM.png

~ Avery
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That button is non-existent

Hi Kim,


To purchase connects you will need to go to Settings > Membership & Connects > Add Connects. 
Could you also please share more details about the button you`re referring to so that I can investigate it further? Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi! We have the same problem. The option that I have is thru card or paypal.

Hi April Rose,


I checked your account, and I can see that you have added your credit card on file. Is there an error message when you tried to purchase Connects?

~ Joanne
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