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How Much Information Does a Client Need for an NDA


I'm still fairly new to Upwork and I received a message from a possible client who wants me to send him my full name, email, address, and phone number so he can send me an NDA to send me work.

Is it normal for them to request such information for an NDA and should I send my information?

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What you are describing is NOT found in all NDAs. But these items are not necessarily unusual, either.


These could very well be standard elements in an NDA form that a client is using.


If you want to be cautious about providing personal information, then go ahead and do so. There is no way for the client to know.


Create a project-specific email addres, one you provide, but can throw away when done working for this client.


Do the same with the phone number. Use a newly-created Google Voice phone number. That is used only for this project.


Provide the address of your local post office.


This way you can provide all the information that the client needs in order to fill out his form.

I provide my email and often my phone number.  Anything else, I simply tell the client that Upwork has verified my identity and location as shown by the check mark on my profile.

Thank you Mary W. That's very helpful.

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Community Manager

Hi Kelly, 

You have the option of declining the request if you feel uncomfortable with it. However, if you think it's worth the shot, you can share with them your general location if it's a need. 

~ Avery
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