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How Often Do you Win a Job?

Hi Upwork Freelancers --


I am doing some research and I'm wondering... how many jobs do you win out all the proposals you send?


I am an Upwork Expert Vetted Freelancer with a 100% JSS and $220k earnings. 


I have won 24 Upwork jobs since using the site beginning in early January 2021 (out of 729 total proposals).  So this is 3.29% of the time, or 3.29 out of every 100 proposals.


I am curious to hear if anyone else is having as much dificulty as I am in starting contracts with quality clients?   Or does everyone else send out hundreds of useless proposals a year?  


Thank you!





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Wow. I love that you keep track of how many proposals you sent out. Maybe I should do that too. I'm an upwork amateur, but I do feel that I submit proposals quite often, only to hear nothing back from the potentional client. It would be nice to hear something back from them. Even if it was a rejection. In the short amount of time I've been on upwork, I can't think of a time I won a proposal. The few jobs I've done on upwork were when a client contacted me first and I agreed to do the job. 

You can track how many proposals you send out by going to:


Find Work --> Proposals --> and then adding up (Active Proposals) + (Submitted Proposals) + (Archived).  


It's depressing how much time I have wasted in the past 15 months as an Upwork member sending out the 500+ proposals that are ignored, or for jobs that are not real or for clients that are not serious.  Especially because I write custom things in my cover letter each time!  

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I got 2 jobs in 13 proposals, not bad for a starter.

Well, Ithink we can consider a sucess a rate of win of 10%. That means for each 10 proposals, you must win 1. If you are not winning in at least this rate you must be doing something wrong. Of course if a job has a lot of proposals, your chance to be choosen is significantly reduced. Why to spend your connects in a job with more than 10 proposals? If a job has 10 proposals you have 10% of chance to be choosen, if 20, you have just 5%. chance, if 50, just 2%. Unless you have a membership plan and knows more about your competitors and have a very good diferential to win a job, don´t spend your connects in jobs with more than 10 proposals.

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