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How UpWork can MAKE MORE $ and keep freelancers HAPPY!

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Joachim M Member Since: Mar 23, 2015
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@Thomas K wrote:

Joachim, I think the probability of chargebacks may depend on your line of work. For example in retail, the digital and male product sectors have very high chargeback rates while the book sector has very low rates. You may be in a low chargeback sector on UpWork Smiley Happy Guten tag by the way!

Thomas, sure, but we don't do retail on UW. We provide services, me in translations.  Don't know what you do as your profile isn't public but I'm pretty sure you're also providing some kind of service.

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Thomas K Member Since: Apr 18, 2016
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I'm fortunate too to be in a relatively low chargeback line of work and to have good corporate clients. It's the solo entrepreneur clients that make me feel uneasy.


Anyways ... UpWork reps, if you're following this thread, please bring up my proposal at one of your "continuous improvement" meetings and see if it flies.


Ok, this is my contribution for the day. If this idea is implemented, I expect preferential treatment from now on Smiley Happy