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How actually are the connects required to send proposal calculated?

Here's two post by the same person, the post title and description both are the copied and pasted.


I looked at both the job post and the client's previous jobs, and yes that's the same dude posting the same job twice and yet it costs 8 connects to apply on one of the job post and double of that 16 connects to apply on another.


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I just wanna know how exactly are the connects required for sending proposals calculated.


And for those who are going to shout "Just don't apply", I am not going to apply for this job post that just looks like a total SCAM.



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There is no algorithm, it's simply a random selection of connects when a client posts a job.

Even if you apply for the job, there is no guarantee of a reply.

In this case, the connects are gone and the job post will remain there for months with no activity.

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