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How bad is this stat?

I recently had a look at my proposal stats and the numbers scared me. Didn't realized I've sent so much proposals.


In the last 3 months:

139 Proposals sent


10 interviews

3 hires


What do you think? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks. 

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hi i think it's ok

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Yes, this is bad. But not bad at all

139 proposals and just 42 views - Its is 30% of views. It is bad. It would be good if it was at least 50% of views. Tha means your first lines in proposals isn´t calling much attention.

42 views and 10 interviews - It is bad. Just 25% of it converted into interviews. You wants that client be completely interested in hiring you when viewing your proposals, but just 25% is bad. I thinks at least 50% would be good.

10 interviews and 3 hires - It is bad. The expected rate of interviews converted to hire could be again at least 50%. You are in 30% of conversion.

Wy I thinks at least a rate of 50% would be good? Because when a client posts a job, he is just saying "I wants to buy this", he is just making things a lot of easier to sells something. Ok, you knows what a client wants and he is willing to pay for it. Knowing this information is realy good, now you just needs to offer him your product. Remember, he wants to buy (suposing the job post is legit). When you do a proposal, if he doesn´t opens it to view, so you didn´t comunicate well to makes him, one that is just interested in buying something, to buy from you. If he opens your proposal and don´t go to an interview, it means you could fills he needs, but something said to him "Hmm... no, I think I will buy from another". If he goes to an interview, it means he opened your proposal, liked it, he thinks you are the best between all others that proposed, and IS very interested in buying something from you, now things should be much more easier, you just passed all obstacles and is in the last metters to conclude a sell (being hired). It should be very easy to be hired if you are in an interview, in theory you have 90% of chances to be hired. So, having 3 hires in 10 interviews is a shame, you are failing in the final steps.

I´m facing the same issue as yours, I have 50% of views, low interviews and no hires. An yes, I thinks I´m in a shame situation too. I knows that there are many other issues that is affecting hires these days, and many jobs isn´t legit, but suposing for legit jobs, it shouldn´t be so hard to get hired in an interview.

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It's good in general. Also, working on proposals and sometimes submitting samples of work are training and experinces.

Try to upgrade to Plus membership, I am interested actually to try this option once there is enough credits

Good Luck!


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Thats about the equivalent of applying for and being hired by a physical employer.  Slightly better in terms of both interview to contract conversion.  I would suspect that the application to interview conversion of a physical job is skewed due to the applicant tracking system and keyword algorithms erroneously screening out otherwise qualified applicants.

Some current traditional job market stats:
The applicant to interview conversion rate is abotu 2-6% across various industries with 3-5% being the average.

The interview to hire conversion rate is about 10%

Your stats:
You have a proposal to interview conversion rate of 13.9%
You have a interview to hire conversion rate of 30%

This is assuming that my source for these stats has not manipulated the raw data out of context.

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Thanks Andre, Lahlooh, and Jeremiah for your insightful responses. Your recommendations are well noted and I'd work on them to land more clients. Thanks.

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In my opinion it is not bad.  You spent 140 x .15 = $21 + your time.  Only you can decide if that was worth it.

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Thanks Prashant. I guess it's a craft I'll keep getting better at. I also realized most of the jobs were left unattended to by clients, lots of proposals without interviews or hires. For the ones they did interview others, I think my proposals weren't just captivating enough for them to open it at the least or they opened it but wasn't convincing enough to make them hit me up.


So for the most part, it balls down to my proposals. 

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