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How can I find an agency on Upwork?

I have been working as a writer here since 2017 and I was content with developing long-term relationships with a few clients. This worked for me as I had other on-site freelance engagements and work here filled in the spaces. However, since last year after those contracts ended, it became really difficult to land another long-term one. I got frustrated after applying to many jobs with no responses. There is also the difficulty of clients refusing to give freelancers from a particular region a chance. Any pointers would help, as I'm at my tether's end. I think finding an agency that will give me a steady flow of tasks could be the solution. Does anyone know how to connect with agencies here?

An agency will still compete for the same jobs that you see in your feed. 

I would not recommend to join an agency unless you know the people really well, since the agency will be paid and you have no payment protection from upwork. 

Oh, I didn't realise the payment would be through the agencies. I thought Upwork intermediates in the payment. That part is truly problematic....

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